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#1 Posted : 21 October 2019 18:59:53(UTC)
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Hi All,

We have been thinking about a Parker 31/325/335 and want to be sure about a few points regarding the keel.

What is it made off? I seam to get two answers either GRP or Stainless Steel for the main dagger board with a lead horizontal fin. Are there two different types and if so when did this change?

I have also heard two different versions of how the Hydraulic ram works. One being a cable/pulley arrangement acting at a two to One disadvantage. The other being a direct action ram though not sure how that works if that is correct.

Finally should there be a locking mechanism to hold the keel down? This was always a requirement for offshore racing if a boats righting ability depended on the keel remaining down if rolled. Not that I have ever seen anything other than a dinghy go that far but it would be comforting to know just in case.

If not is it a modification anyone has undertaken?

Finally if anyone is thinking about changing boats this year please let me know, I think probably a 31 as we don't like wheel steering unless you have a 325/335 with tiller steering or know how to convert to a stick. Sounds like a whole other thread...

Many Thanks in anticipation of all your replies.


#2 Posted : 22 October 2019 11:09:07(UTC)
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The keel on the 325/335 boats is a fabricated, hollow stainless steel foil with a steel-reinforced lead wing that extends some way up inside the lower end of the foil. The keel is lifted with a direct acting ram inside the keel; this is simple, robust and would I believe hold the keel in the down position if the boat was rolled. The ram needs to come out for servicing once a year which is a bit of a fiddle but ok once you have done it a couple of times.

The 31 has a similar but different steel keel which is operated by a shorter ram located inside the boat acting on a rope and pulley system. I understand this also works well but will not hold the keel down. I am aware of one 31 that has a custom fitted pin for this purpose but I think most owners jut try to avoid rolling their boats.

You are welcome to have a look at our 335 which is ashore in Brightlingsea


Tringa 335/50

#3 Posted : 22 October 2019 20:28:33(UTC)
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Thanks for info Martin,

Yep I think we all try to avoid going that far, scored pretty high for effort though on occasions, but wife doesn't like that kind of thing these days. Three of my previous boats had similar torpedo keels, a Bull7000, Trapper240 and a Limbo 9.9. Two of those had keel locks and I fitted a keel lock to the other and if someone else has done it to a P31 already then its realistic. It seams I have been completely misinformed about the GRP keel (perhaps they were thinking of the Super Seals etc).

Is this still a stainless steel keel on the 31's or is that made of Mild Steel?

We had a look at a 325/335 but I found the space behind the wheel a bit too tight for me. I know tiller steering was an option but not sure if any were actually ever built with a stick.

If we do get a 325/335 I would be really interested in partaking in a ram removing exercise to see how it was done.

All The Best


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