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If you'd like to place an advert, please email the webmaster. If you're selling a boat, please include the class, boat name and sail number, a general description and an equipment list, any good photos and - of course - the price! If the photos aren't digital, please post them. The advert will have it's own page and URL, will stay on as long as you want it, and may be updated whenever necessary.

Boats for Sale adverts are free if you've been a member for 3 years or more; if not, the charges are:

Selling price Member for
3 years or more
Member for
less than 3 years
Up to £2,000 free
£2,001 to £10,000 free £5.00 £10.00
£10,000 to £40,000 free £7.50 £15.00
Over £40,000 free £12.50 £25.00

For brokers, the charge is £30.00

Wanted adverts are free for members, £10.00 for non-members, which will be deducted from the first year's membership fee.

There's no charge for Other items or Crew adverts.

Please send a cheque to the Treasurer, made payable to the "Parker and Seal Sailing Association".

Sellers: Will we lose an association member when you sell your yacht? We hope not! If you enjoy being a member of the Parker & Seal Sailing Association, and the many things we get up to, do please share your enthusiasm with the new owners of your craft. Please encourage them to look around this website and pass them a membership form, which you can download here. Thank you.

Buyers: You can see from this website that there is an active association for all owners of Seal and Parker yachts. For many owners, membership helps them get more out of their yacht, through exchange, friendship and fun with other Seal and Parker owners. Please be sure to explore this site and ask the seller to explain the practical benefits to you.

Warnings To Sellers

  • Ignore any emails giving an 070 or +4470 phone number, as these are premium rate "follow-me" numbers
  • Ignore any emails suggesting payment using PayPal, as PayPal isn't suitable for the amounts involved. The buyer would probably send you a fake email to try to convince you the money has been transferred when it hasn't.
  • Be aware of a current scam whereby offers may be received, usually from overseas, which seem valid until the 'buyer' sends a cheque for more than the selling price than asks for the 'extra' to be deposited in a bank account. If this happens don't pay until the cheque has been cleared. This is not as rare as one may think. In fact a number of sellers on this site experienced this from a number of such 'buyers' but didn't fall for it.
  • Do not give your bank details to anyone who appears to be interested in buying your boat - especially from abroad

Warnings To Buyers

  • The PSSA does not guarantee the correctness of any advertisement posted on this web site, or have any responsibility for any litigation that may ensue as a result of a sale