Race Results

PSSA Round the Island Race results

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Year Winner Sailing
2010 Geoff Turner P21 Dawn
2009 Geoff Turner P21 Dawn
2008 Nigel Walbank P21 Breeze
2007 cancelled due to inclement weather
2006 Martin Hoption P335 Shemar
2005 Walter Brown S26 Ard Righ
2004 Nigel Walbank P31 Ocean Wings
2003 race abandoned
2002 John Coyle P27 Harlequin
2001 R Bond S22 Fraid Knot
2000 race abandoned
1999 race abandoned
1998 Philip Linsell S22 Tulena

Before 1998 the winners were: John West (S22), Ted Randell (S22) twice, John Mahany (S22), James Yarrow (S22) 3 times, Geoff Harwood (Sinbad), Harry Wyatt (SS26), Colin Savage (S22), Martin Hopton (S22), Peter Forster (S22), John Coyle (P31), Paul Clements (S850) twice, Philip Linsell (S22) twice, Roger Bond (S22).